Guangdong Huajiayu Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company which focuses on development and manufacturing of passive components for optical communication. Since the founding of the company, we have independently developed many passive devices: CWDM, Optical circulator, Optical isolator, Mechanical Variable Optical Attenuator, Polarization Maintaining Optical Path Cord, Optical Path Cord, etc. We could also provide strong after-sale service for our customers.     
Guangdong Huajiayu Technology Co.,Ltd has over 150 employees and over 5000m2 manufacturing site. Our advantages are to provide stable and highly qualified products for customers, extensive R&D resources, international first-class manufacturing process and test equipments, highly efficient production process and tight quality control system.

The mission of Guangdong Huajiayu Technology Co.,Ltd is to be a first-class optical communication devices provider based on the ideal of “quality first and upmost customer satisfaction”. We are devoted to provide customers highest price-to-performance products and quality service.
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